Friday, May 1, 2009

Cinnamon Friendship Bread

I got my first starter for a Cinnamon Friendship Bread. I've seen these all over the Internet, and I'm so excited to finally have one to make, even though I may be a tad baking challenged. My one problem may be that I don't have a loaf pan, well I don't think I do anyway. So this may be more trouble than it's worth. But oh well! Today I added my first batch of ingredients, so I have 4 more days until I make the bread. I'll keep everyone posted.

I did taste this and it is GOOD! (after it was baked by someone else, of course)


  1. Just browsing different blogs, and Cinnamon Friendship Bread sounds very interesting. I've actually never heard of it. Would you mind sharing some details?

  2. I will have to scan the recipe, it's really long. When I do, I'll try to remember to notify you so you can see it. I got a starter, which is the beginning and you have to wait 10 days to make it. Thanks for your interest!