Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Disney Trip - Day 4

June 12, 2009 - Animal Kingdom

Cast of Characters - Myself - Stacey - 31, Husband - Bryan - 35, Step-Daughter - Briana - 11, Son - Owen - 4, Daughter - Kate - 2, Dad/Grandpa, Mom/Grandma, Stewart - Brother, Nicole - Brother’s Girlfriend

We met my brother Stewart and his girlfriend at the turnstiles. We were able to see the show at rope drop. We sprinted to Everest, Bryan, Briana, Nicole, Stewart, Mom and Dad got right on, I had rode before and I had a pretty strict touring plan today so I didn’t want to waste the time for me to ride. Then went to Dinosaur and did child swap so some got to ride twice. In our picture everyone is looking at the dinosaur and of course I’m looking the opposite direction telling Owen to look. You can barely see him because he’s slumped so far down in the seat.

Then we played one game. Bryan won and got a stuffed seahorse which he gave to Owen. Kate was sitting there upset like she should have won, so the guy gave her a stuffed seahorse too. That girl is never going to have to work for anything!

My second favorite picture from our trip:

We went to Kilimanjaro Safari to ride or get fast passes. The wait was only 20 minutes, so we waited. Our jeep had to stop on the ride because a giraffe was walking in the path, it walked right past us. Owen asked a few questions. He wanted to know what giraffes ate, then Kate asked what elephants eat. The driver answered their questions and told them they were great questions. It made them feel really special. Then we went on the trail to see the gorillas. One was sleeping right by the glass. I had Bryan take his picture with the picture of the gorilla, he looked just like it.

It was time for lunch so we could make the Lion King show in time, so we had pizza at Pizzafari. We had three pepperoni pizzas and one kids meal - $43 - 4 quick service meals. We had about 30 minutes before the Lion King show, so I told Kate we could go see Daisy and Minnie. Daisy is her favorite and she’s always asking for her. Waiting for the Lion King was so hot. We were all so miserable. But once we saw the show, it was worth it. We ran out at the end real quick and got to see Mickey before the line got too long. They really do keep those lines moving. We went and got Fast passes for the river rapids because we just couldn’t take the heat anymore then went out to Rafiki’s planet watch, Kate was asleep, and I don’t know why, but I decided we didn’t need the stroller. On the train the conductor asked Owen if he wanted to say All Aboard, and he wouldn’t, so Briana did and she got a certificate for it. Of course the second we took off Owen started shouting All Aboard. She woke up just in time to see Pocahontas and Jiminy Cricket, and OF COURSE had them sign her books. She didn’t want to see Rafiki. A few minutes later she told me she wanted to see the monkey. So we saw Rafiki.

It was time to ride the train back and get on the rapids. Bryan, Dad, Briana and I rode it. We all got soaked, especially me. I told everyone to pick it up so we could make it in time to see the Finding Nemo show. I had to run the stroller down and we got in line, they stopped the line, so I was freaking out that we wouldn’t be able to see it, but we got in and had pretty good seats. I was a bit cold because I was soaked and the air was on full blast in there. Everyone loved it. Stewart was singing the Big Blue Water song all weekend. We were done just in time to get to Boma in time for our reservation. We had a little mishap on the bus, we got off at the first Animal Kingdom Lodge bus stop when we should have gotten off at the second stop. No thanks to the bus driver. When we finally figured out where we were going we got right into Boma. Everyone loved it, except Bryan. Their pork was to die for. I also loved the lamb stew. I want to go back just to eat there. We got on the bus to go back to Animal Kingdom to get our resort bus, and the bus driver told us there are no more resort busses leaving from Animal Kingdom. He told the other people to get off, and the he said “Don’t tell anyone, but I’ll take you over there, I don’t want you guys going around on all the busses.” We got so lucky and the bus driver drove us personally back to the hotel and then gave Owen, Kate, and Briana special Bus driver licenses. Owen, Kate, and Briana all went swimming so hopefully they would go to sleep early. I realized there was no way we were going to make our 1900 Park Fare breakfast on Tuesday at 8:05 a.m., so I went to the concierge to see if I could get ‘Ohana around 11. I got so lucky and they got me a 10:55 reservation at ‘Ohana on Tuesday and cancelled my 1900 reservation. Woohoo. My dad complained to the hotel manger about them not fixing their toilet and he was given two fast passes for our party at Epcot for tomorrow, so instead of getting up early and being there at opening I said we could go around 10 a.m. and use the fast passes on the rides we were going to go to early. And so we could get some sleep.

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