Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Disney Trip - Day 6

June 14, 2009 - Hollywood Studios

Cast of Characters - Myself - Stacey - 31, Husband - Bryan - 35, Step-Daughter - Briana - 11, Son - Owen - 4, Daughter - Kate - 2, Dad/Grandpa, Mom/Grandma

We got to Hollywood Studios around 9 a.m. and saw the storm troopers on the roof. It was Star Wars weekend. I went to get in line to see if Owen, Kate, and Briana could be in the Star Wars parade, I found out they pick kids at random, you can’t sign up. While I was doing this Mom and Dad went on Rock and Roller Coaster. Bryan and Briana went on when I got there. We got a child swap ticket and fast passes, and a child swap at Tower of Terror. We wanted to get to the Animation Factory for the first show so we could see Mickey and the UP characters. We got there just in time. Kate got to meet Mickey. Bryan got in line for the UP characters. Owen had to go to the bathroom, so I had to go out and take him to the bathroom, he had an accident and I had forgot his clothes in my backpack in the line. So we had to go back and change his clothes in the line, oh well. But then it was our turn and Owen, Kate, and I saw Carl, Dog, and Russell from UP. Briana went and did the drawing class while we were doing this. Owen and Grandma colored a picture of Flounder, he of course picked the exact same colors that Flounder is when coloring. We went over to get in line for the Star Wars Parade and I was going to get us some lunch, but we got two pretzels and two frozen lemonades instead. The parade was fun. We got some lunch at Studio Catering Company while waiting for the Power Rangers to show up. We got a pulled pork sandwich, hot dog, and mac and cheese, 2 large drinks, cheesecake, fudge cake - $33.00 - used 3 quick service credits. Kate, Briana, and Owen saw Mike and Sully. Then we waited for the Power Rangers at 12:30. Owen got to see the Green Ranger, Kate was scared and wouldn’t have her picture taken, but of course she got her book signed. Owen saw the pink ranger and posed with her, so did Briana, this is the only signature Kate didn’t get.

The stunt show started at 1:20 so we got in line for that and were seated at 12:50. Owen loved the stunt show, the cars jumped. There were motorcycles and jet skis. I took a panoramic shot of the park from the stunt show.

Briana and Bryan went to ride Rock and Roller Coaster one more time. Me and mom went into Wickets warehouse where I got five Star wars pins and a shirt for Bryan’s boss. Mom bought Owen a shirt, Bryan a shirt, and Kate and Briana doll sets. We rode the bus back around 2 or 3. Everyone went swimming for a while.

Owen, Kate, and Briana ate dinner at the food court, hot dog, pizza, and double cheeseburger - 3 quick service meals. Grandma babysat, as Owen would say, while Bryan and I went to Coronado Springs on Uncle Ted’s recommendation and ate at the Pepper Market. This was the best recommendation. It was our best meal yet. Of course it would suck if you didn’t have a car to use to get here, since it is just the next resort over. I got a sample platter from the Wok and Bryan got fajitas, we also got a flan and strawberry cake. It was $50, but was only two counter service meals. We were stuffed. It was now 9 p.m. and time for bed. Tomorrow’s the wedding and Epcot.

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