Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Disney Trip - Day 5

June 13th, 2009 - Epcot

Cast of Characters - Myself - Stacey - 31, Husband - Bryan - 35, Step-Daughter - Briana - 11, Son - Owen - 4, Daughter - Kate - 2, Dad/Grandpa, Mom/Grandma, Stewart - Brother, Nicole - Brother’s Girlfriend

We left the hotel with everyone at 9:30. We got to Epcot around 10 and went on Spaceship Earth right away, there was no wait. Briana liked this ride a lot. She wanted to go again. I had to get Kate a new autograph book because hers is almost filled up. I also got Owen, Kate, and Briana passports. Then we rode on Nemo, with no wait, and went in the aquarium.

We then went to Soaring and got fast passes for later. We rode Living with the Land, there was maybe a 5 minute wait, and Owen decided it was his favorite ride. He loved the garden. I was excited to ride Figment, so we went there next, no wait. Everyone made their picture with funny things on it. We also conducted the Figment orchestra. It was getting close to our Biergarten reservation at 1:05, so we made our way to Germany, we saw Snow White and Kate ran over to wait in line to get her autograph, she was the last in line, this happened to us quite a few times to us this week, which I guess is good, you don’t feel too rushed.

We checked in for lunch and got right in. We were seated right by the stage and dance floor. Bryan was happy to have sausages, he ate and ate and ate. We had three adult buffets and one child buffet - $71 plus $12 for beer. I had envelopes prepared with the tips before hand, so that was easy. Owen, Kate and Briana got up to dance a few times during the lunch show. Bryan and Dad both drank a liter of beer.

That was after an 8 oz beer. After lunch the kids went to the kidcot station in china and got their passports stamped. They also wrote their name in Chinese on the back of their masks. We rode the Norway ride, where Owen was scared, but he rode and then he said it wasn’t scary. They went into the kidcot stations in Norway as well and got a charm and stamps. On the way past Mexico we saw Donald, and Kate again was the last person in line. She loved it. We went over to Test Track to ride with one of our fast passes, but the fast pass line was long. I got a child swap ticket and then Dad, Bryan, Mom, Briana, Nicole, and Stewart rode Test track single rider. Then Bryan, Briana and I rode through fast pass. Single rider was faster. We went on Mission Space, we all took the Orange side, the more intense side. I knew that was a bad idea as I can’t ride the teacups if someone spins it. I did not feel good afterward. We got some snacks, a few pretzels and waters. We went back to the Land to ride Soaring. Everyone but Kate and I rode it. I have been on it at Disneyland. Kate fell asleep. Owen wanted to ride Living with the Land again, so we did.

Stewart and Nicole went to find some food. We decided to just eat there. We ate Chinese, it was pretty good and we only used 2 counter service credits, we shared. We did all this while Kate slept on the bench in the food court. My dad and mom were happy to sit with her. Owen wanted to ride Living with the Land again, but when we got in line it broke down. We didn’t get to ride again. Owen did a kidcot station upstairs and wrote his name on it. We watched the Circle of Life movie. And then it was time to meet everyone over at Italy for the Surprise fireworks dessert party. Kate and I got the passports stamped in Italy at the kidcot station. Because they thought there was going to be rain they moved the dessert party to the American Pavilion inside. So we went up to the third floor and had some desserts. They then escorted us down to Italy on a reserved patio to watch Illuminations. Owen and Kate loved it, Bryan thought it was boring.

We went back to the American Pavilion for more desserts. We left around 10 p.m. Owen and Kate made friends on the bus. Owen was telling jokes - he said “knock, knock” the kid said, “who’s there” Owen said “boo” the kid said “boo hoo” then Owen said to Bryan “that’s a joke, right?” That cracked us up. And Kate was singing to try to make friends.

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